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Bitcoinocracy offers free and transparent voting mechanism to facilitate decentralized decision making in the Bitcoin ecosystem and to determine the truth backed by real monetary value.
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BIP101 is better than the status quo
In the event of a fork, I will sell RBF BlockStream Core Coins and buy Classic Bitcoins
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The status quo is better than BIP101.
Block size limit should be increased to 8 mb as soon as possible
A one-time increase to 8 MB would be better right now than 4 MB
Bitcoin's should not adopt hard-forks except with the widest possible support.
BIP 101 is the implemented and tested solution that gives Bitcoin a chance to scale with respect to the long term technological trends (and can be fixed without a new hard fork if they discontinue).
Unlimited blocksize is bad for Bitcoin because it diminishes incentive to pay fees and in the long term it makes mining unprofitable.
Wide consensus doesn't mean anything if it was achieved by censorship
RBF (Replace-By-Fee) policy should NOT be adopted because it breaks 0-conf transactions and needlessly imposes extra development costs on existing merchants
BIP100, BIP101, BIP102, and BIP103 increase scale without increasing scalablity, potentially a cost to security.
BIP101 is better than BIP100
Bitcoin's value depends critically on censorship resistance, monetary sovereignty, and the personal control made possible by decentralisation.
Armory is the safest and most secure way to vote on Bitcoinocracy.
A one-time increase would be better right now than nothing
A one-time increase to 4 MB would be better right now than 3 MB
Segregated Witness is a good short-term approach to scaling Bitcoin capacity
If non-Core hard fork wins, major holders will sell BTC, driving price into the ground
A one-time increase to 3 MB would be better right now than 2 MB
the block size limit should not be increased in the near future [except possibly via segregated witness]
I will choose Bitcoin Classic (2MB) over Bitcoin Core (1MB) in the coming fork.
The block size limit should be constrained ONLY by technology (that grows exponentially)
Fungibility is a more pressing problem than scale for Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Core should be renamed to Lightning Core to better reflect it's soon to be USP